experienced handyman & Woman services

When preparing a home or business for sale or occupancy; or simply renovating your space for needed repairs call on our Handyman Services for a competitively priced quote!

We will help make sure your project goals are met and your space is in its best condition for your desired occasion.

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Out With The Old

* Full & Partial Remodeling

* Historic Rehabilitation/Preservation

* Interior Demolition

* Cosmetic Up-fit

* Interior Staging & Designs


In With The New

* Commercial & Residential

* Full or Partial Roofing (1,000sf min)

* Repairs & Installations

* Weatherization

* Drywall/Sheetrock

* Installation/Repair

* Trim Repair or Replacement


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With Team 3 R Green

* Commercial & Residential

* Installation/Repair/Refinish

* Hardwood

* Carpet/ Tile/Granite

* Painting (1,000sf min)