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3 R Green Commercial Cleaning offers janitorial services for businesses located throughout the region. We offer flexible cleaning plans, tailored to the needs of your business. Your choice of General Cleanings or Deep Cleanings are provided by our professionally trained janitors coordinated with your specifics and desired scheduling. Choose daily/nightly, weekly, or monthly cleaning. We also offer one-time service before and after special events.

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Janitorial Services For Your Commercial Facility

Our routine janitorial tasks include:

  • empty trash & change wastebasket liners

  • sweep & wash floors

  • thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas

  • clean all entrance, reception, and partition area glass

  • clean counters, sinks, & tables in cafeteria/break room

  • wipe down cafeteria or break room chairs

  • wipe down/disinfect vending machines, refrigerators

  • dusting

  • restroom cleaning & sanitizing

  • refill bathroom tissue holders, soap dispensers, towel dispensers, and sanitary dispensers

For janitorial service you can count on, call the professional cleaners at 3 R Green Commercial Cleaning (404)946-8886 Simply tell us what you need and how often you need it and leave the rest to us!

Common Area Cleaning

Every business or commercial workspace has common areas, like: hallways, lobbies or foyers, entrances, restrooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, and break rooms. High traffic areas and common areas get dirty fast and are more likely to be germ infested.

3 R Green Commercial Cleaning provides the cleaning expertise to get these areas looking their best every business day. More importantly, our effective cleaning products and techniques ensure that germs are eliminated and that all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized for your next business day.

Our Company

3 R Green Commercial Cleaning is a MWBE that has served the Southeast since 2010 using eco-friendly processes & biodegradable products. We pride ourselves on being versatile enough to meet the needs of our customers with natural or traditional cleaning products & flexible hours.

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We can provide nearly any type of cleaning service that you require. However, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, please contact us at (404) 946-8886 or by email here. We'll find the solution and look forward to working with you!

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